Survive on Purpose

Midwest Threat Assessment Centers-Muncie Campus is an indoor shoot house and scenario-based training facility. Professional firearms training in a 360 degree shooting environment for both armed citizens and armed professionals. Training built to transition shooters into high-functioning gun owners. Whether your mission is home defense, personal protection, patrol, security or a tactical team, you will find a class for you. You can learn skills, tactics and then test them in the ultimate test- another armed individual. Through well rounded, planned out training, students are prepared to survive on purpose. Come experience life beyond the paper target, register for a course today.

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Complete Self Defense Package

Introducing Defend Myself series of courses. This series is designed to build confidence and train citizens of all ages how to deal with conflict. The individual courses deal with verbal confrontations/boundary setting; physical confrontations; elevated (less lethal) attack defense; lethal defense and of course all of which is done in our reality-based training style. That means instead of sitting in a lecture, you will actually be performing what you learn in scenarios.

Flexibility is key, not everyone wants to learn firearms, or hand to hand combat. With our format, you can pay as you go, make payments and attend what classes you want, when you can attend.