Training Affiliates/Agency Rentals

Recognizing that MTAC UTM sales and administration offices are conjoined with a facility that is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week, we ask that guests respect the guidelines we have set for the use of our facility. These guidelines are designed to minimize the operational distractions that the use of the facility could impose upon our pro shop, armory and administrative missions.


*Classroom courses will be conducted between 0830 and 1700 unless previously approved by management.

*All organizations requesting the use of our facility will be required to provide a class coordinator who will be responsible for coordinating the training with the Operations Manager in providing any logistical support for the class (i.e., hotels, transportation, beverages, snacks, catering, etc.)

*If the requesting organization (RO) has any special needs, the operations manager will attempt to meet them in a way that does not encumber our administration, sales or range safety.

*The classroom has a laptop that can be made available for presentations. The television in the classroom uses Google Chromecast and also has an HDMI connection.

*MTAC will be staffed with at least one Range Safety Officer (RSO) during the facility rental.


  • Create uniform expectations for all users and trainers
  • Ensure safe training
  • Outline facility usage and limitations
  • Discuss pre and post event inspections
  • Review emergency contacts for incidents and maintenance
  • Responsibilities of lead instructor/agency representative

Lesson Plans

  • The RO’s representative will submit a request through the MTAC online form or direct contact (email or phone) with the operations manager at least 15 days in advance of the desired dates
  • Lesson plans (written or verbal) will be provided to, or discussed with the operations manager no less than 5 days prior to the event
  • Lesson plans must include a safety plan, training areas to be used, and equipment needs.

Weapons Protocol

  • No live weapons or ammunition are allowed inside the training facility-NO EXCEPTIONS
  • The training group can utilize their own converted NLTA guns after the MTAC RSO has inspected them
  • MTAC can supply training groups with UTM handguns, rifle conversions and the ability to purchase UTM ammunition
  • 5.56/9mm/.38/blanks NLTA will be allowed in the training facility
  • The use of diversionary devices, gas or smoke is prohibited in the training center
  • Training diversionary devices must be inspected and approved by the RSO prior to use

General Protocol

  • Upon entry into MTAC all firearms, ammunition, and other weapons (knives, OC, Tasers, etc) are secured in their vehicles- EXCEPTION: if the group is conducting Taser training

Safety Protocol

Safety Note: At no time will live weapons be allowed in the training facility

  1. Just because you are using a “training” gun we will adhere to the 4 universal gun safety rules.
  2. No live weapons/ammunition/chemical irritants, edged or impact weapons are permitted in MTAC
  3. Know the following areas of MTAC:
    1. The entire building is a live fire-free area.
    2. Green Zone: green carpeted area (office).
    3. Red Zone: area outside of the green zone, armory, pro shop, classroom and inside the shoot house.
  4. Indiscriminate firing, unsafe or frivolous behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. All participants must wear designated safety equipment and the equipment must remain in place until the instructor ends the exercise. Eye protection must be worn in the training area at all times, no exceptions. All skin must be covered during force on force training. This includes head, neck and hands.
  6. If a helmet or other PPE becomes unsecured or unfastened during an exercise, immediately protect yourself, shielding your eyes, face, or throat area and begin yelling cease fire.
  7. No contact shots.
  8. EMERGENCY-Kits and TQ are in the armory, including Band-Aids. Hospital is 6 miles, if possible, we will transport to hospital.

Again, safety is paramount. Everyone participating in the training is a safety officer. Prior to force on force training the instructor and RSO will ensure that the group is in compliance with the safety protocols set by MTAC.

Facility Protocols

  • Every participant that enters the door for the event will be met by the MTAC RSO, sign in, and a safety check will be performed
  • Sterilization Procedures
    1. RSO pat down, and a wand will be used to complete the sterilizing procedure.
    2. If you leave the front door of MTAC, upon your return, you will not go past the green zone until you have someone perform a safety check. It is important that these steps are adhered to, it could be someone’s life.
  • The participants will then go to the classroom for the safety briefing and to sign a waiver of liability. Refusal will result in a dismissal from the facility.
  • No charging or loading of NLTA in the classroom, armory or green zone at any time
  • Armory Procedures
    • Once you are cleared to do so you will don a holster, then you will proceed to the armory to be issued your firearm. Handguns are to be placed immediately into a holster. NEVER, will you leave the armory and un-holster the handgun until you are in the training area. Rifles will be slung once issued and taken directly into the training area. AT NO TIME IS ANY MTAC PROPERTY TO LEAVE THE BUILDING
  • If the RO’s training requires “Hands On”, they must submit a copy of their insurance covering combatives prior to approval for the rental
  • Food or drinks will NOT be allowed in the training area. Classroom only.
  • Prior to the beginning of a training event, an inspection of the training facility will be conducted with the MTAC RSO and training group representative
  • At no time will targets be stapled to the shoot house walls. The RSO will provide target stands as needed
  • Prior to leaving the facility, the training group will ensure the training areas are cleaned, wiped down, swept, brass is deposited in recycle bins and equipment is cleaned and returned to the equipment closet
  • After the training has concluded, the RSO and training group representative will again inspect for any damages and clean-up issues. MTAC-Waiver of Liability Form

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