UTM 5.56mm Man Marker Round (MMR)


The UTM 5.56mm Man Marker Round (MMR) adds realism and stress to training by providing a threat of consequence with physical and visual stimulus within Use of Force/ROE, Tactics, Skill Building, Scenarios, Movement Drills and other Interactive Training. Use as a safe prelude or alternative to “Live-Fire” target or CQB training. Accuracy and reliability allows for multiple firearms, CQB, and marksmanship applications (360° firing, movement drills, weapon transitions). Projectiles mark at any angle to include glancing “hits” and do NOT have to burst to mark. Wash clothes and UTM PPE with domestic washing detergent. The UTM 5.56mm Man Marker Round (MMR) Plastic Backer is an accurate and reliable marking projectile for Force-on-Force or Force-on-Target training. The 5.56mm Man Marker Round requires a UTM Conversion, has minimal environmental impact, U.S. EPA compliant landfill safe, low emission and available only in non-toxic options. These are sold in units of 900 only.