UTM 5.56mm Battlefield Blank Round (BBR)


The UTM 5.56mm Battlefield Blank Round (BBR) emits a realistic noise that cycles the weapons with realistic and consistent cyclic rates in semi-automatic which match live fire reliability. Normal weapon function and recoil. 20″ stand-off allows safe and realistic training with no Heat or Flame. NO BFA required (UTM weapon conversion required) has minimal environmental impact, U.S. EPA compliant landfill safe, low emission and is available in non-toxic options. This round enhances the fundamental teaching of weapon handling, malfunction drills and marksmanship in any environment to include classroom. Essential building block between dry fire and live fire with introduction of noise and stress. Allows mission rehearsals/flow drills/scenarios in any environment. The standard BBR has a noise level of up to a 135db and the LBBR, the louder blank round with up to a 155db level. This round activates MILES and SAAB systems.