JE6 Body Worn Camera

Welcome to the JE6 Product page. If you are here to download the software, please scroll down.

Take a look at the product sheet for information and tech specs regarding our JE6 Body Cam.

Just below the product pages, you can purchase your very own JE6 Body Cam. If you need a quote for your agency, email us HERE.

Now that you have your JE6 Body Camera, here are the downloads you need to use the cameras.  If you don’t have the docking station, download the Cam manager to view your captured footage and toggle video/camera settings.

If you have purchased a docking station, download the Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS) to unlock footage from all camera’s.

Also, please download the GPS Player if you wish to see the GPS Coordinates of your captured videos in real time.

We are sure you won’t be disappointed with our JE6 Body Camera. The camera that always has your 6.