Battleground Gunfights

Experience the thrills of bold firepower, heart-pounding excitement, and action-packed fun.  Battleground Gunfights at MTAC combines the authentic shooting experience of a competition shooter with the fun of first-person-shooter gaming.

Using real firearms modified to shoot training ammo, the Battleground Gunfights experience offers three competitions to create an extraordinary shooting adventure. Perfect for team building or you just want to grab some friends for a fun competition. There will also be open tournaments if you are looking to test your skills.

The Gunslinger
Description: Two people, 3 magazines of 10 rds, open range in shoot house, car in the middle, barrels on outer perimeter, on the whistle participants will shoot at each other until the last round is fired.
Equipment: Two layers of loose clothing, head-neck-throat protection, gloves, groin protection. white shirt on top layer, UTM pistol, three 10 rd magazines, 30 rounds.
Scoring: Hit location is scored for overall points to determine winner.

The Tactician
Description: One person goes through the shoot house and engages targets for time and accuracy. Rifle or Pistol, user’s choice (can bring own rifle). We will have a wall of champions and will name runs (targets in designated rooms, spots and levels of difficulty) Extra ammunition is available for purchase.
Equipment: UTM Pistol or UTM AR15 conversion, Paper target. 15 rounds of UTM ammunition.

Team CQB
Description: 3 person team against 3 person team – Team elimination with rifle or pistol. Extra ammunition is available for purchase.
Equipment: Two layers of loose clothing, head-neck-throat-face protection, gloves, groin protection NO EXPOSED SKIN. NLTA Pistol or NLTA AR15 conversion, 30 rounds of UTM ammunition.

There are two ways to get involved:
Private groups or team building, please send in a request HERE
Or you can just join a scheduled tournament or walk in night, check our SCHEDULE