The Midwest’s first NLTA indoor shoot house and training facility open to armed citizens and professional firearms instructors. Our training facility is specifically designed for reality-based firearms training.  From basic to practical and tactical classes, we train shooters in a realistic environment. MTAC cadre-led courses are for both armed citizens and armed professionals. Students will build skills, tactics and get to measure their training against a live adversary.

The gun is the tool, the person is the weapon.

MTAC’s training is mission oriented, providing skills, techniques and procedures for you to complete the tasks necessary to win your mission. Whether you are brand new to owning a gun, or have been around them your whole life, everyone will find something they can use every day. Take advantage of our open range, firearms training, educational classes, hand to hand combat, guest instructors and the opportunity to elevate your skills against our professional “bad guys” in force on force scenarios.

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